Pablo Daniel Martinez in Vienna 26 March - 16 April 2024

Pablo Daniel Martinez in Vienna 26 March - 16 April 2024

Dear friends,  Pablo Daniel Martinez will be in Vienna very soon. 

Many people remember Pablo's visit to Vienna 2 years ago and often asked when he would return again. He is an experienced dancer in social and stage tango, he is known as a really good teacher with excellent methods and interesting ways of learning. Pablo is always open to communication and easily makes people around him his friends. He pays a lot of attention to each tango student. 

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March 28, 18.00-19.30. #1. Pivot and dissociation in the couple and application to dance. Intermediate/Advanced

March 28, 19.45-21.15#2. El Abrazo: how to make connection comfortable, functional and magnetic. All levels

March 30, 13.30-15.00. #3 Vals. Chains: Rhythmic combinations and sequences for vals using loops.   Intermediate/Advanced

April 2, 18.00-19.30. #4.  Sacadas at speed with elastic embrace. Intermediate/Advanced

April 2, 19.45-21.15. #5A. Leaders Technique with Pablo. All levels

April 2, 19.45-21.15. #5B. Followers Technique with Alexandra. All levels  

April 6, 13.30-15.00.  #6. Improvisation: Exercises to improve your creativity.  Intermediate/Advanced

April 9, 18.00-19.30.  #7. Improvisation: Circular work. Application in 3 basic steps. Intermediate/Advanced

April 9, 19.45-21.15. #8. Milonga. Understanding the music, tools for dance and easily playful danceable steps. All levels

April 11, 18.00-19.30. # 9. Milonga-traspie. Exercises to fix the musicality.  Intermediate/Advanced

April 11, 19.45-21.15. #10. Simple sequences in close embrace and navigation. All levels

April 13, 13.30-15.00. #11. Complex figures and sequence in close embrace. Intermediate/Advanced

April 16, 18.00-19.30. #12. Improvisation. Use of axes. Execution and control. Intermediate/Advanced

April 16, 19.45-21.15. #13. Chacarera. Argentinean Folklore. All levels.

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We also invite you to:

✨ On March 30, from 15:00 to 18:00 Alexandra's BIRTHDAY MILONGA. DJ Pablo Martinez.

✨ On April 4, from 20:00 to 24:00 Milonga in Tangobar with a performance by Alexandra and Pablo. DJ Pablo Martinez.

Looking forward! 🤗